Swimming Pool Heat Pumps - FAQs
Do I need to heat my pool?
Is it expensive to operate a heat pump? Will it cost a lot on my power bill?
How does a heat pump work? Where does the heat come from?
What makes one heat pump better than another? Why should I choose a GulfStream?
What is the difference between a heat pump and other ways to heat your pool?
What does COP, or Coefficiency of Performance mean? What does that number mean to my operating cost?
How long will my heat pump last?
What is your warranty? What does it protect me from?
What if I need assistance with my heater once it's installed?
Why does my pool "lose" heat? Can a blanket help retain heat?
How do I know what size heat pump is right for my pool?
I want to know more about the manufacturing and the company behind the GulfStream Swimming Pool Heat Pumps.