G&F Warranty for the High Efficiency – “The HE-2 Series”

Two (2) years parts and labor.

Years three (3) through seven (7) parts only (No Labor). 

Years eight (8) through ten (10) limited 30% MSRP prorated parts only (No Labor).

The Owner is responsible for all labor charges after year two (2).

The 2/10 Warranty is for domestic United States installations only.

Includes  HE 90; HE 110; HE 125; HE 150

The GulfStream series of Heat Pumps are backed by a solid manufacturer’s warranty to ensure consistent, quality performance and peace of mind long after the purchase.

Please click the image above to view the complete, detailed warranty for the GulfStream High Efficiency Units.


Please Call (800) 937-6527 For Warranty Info

GulfStream Heater