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Family owned and operated since 1999

Proudly Made in the USA in Fort Myers, Florida. Jake Fields and Aaron Fields manage operations of Gulfstream along with the guidance of their fathers and founders Bill and James Fields.



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Built With Innovation

Why Choose GulfStream Heat Pumps

Our pool heaters are made in North Fort Myers, Florida, by G&F Manufacturing,
and we are a family-run company with over 30 years of pool heating experience.

AHRI Standards

Our models have passed AHRI testing, meeting the state of Florida’s requirements for a 4.0 COP. Check the AHRI directory for approved heaters and certificates.

Industry Leading Warranty

When you purchase a GulfStream Swimming Pool Heat Pump, your heater is protected by a strong warranty: Lifetime warranty on our Titanium Heat Exchanger.

Titanium Heat Exchanger

Gulfstream has revolutionized heat pump technology by using titanium in our heat exchangers and enhancing efficiency with rifled titanium tubing.

Advanced Manufacturing

With 30 years of pool heating expertise, we’ve invested in top-notch equipment and technology to craft the industry’s finest pool heat pump.

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Company History

Gulfstream Heat Pumps

We’re proud to be made in Fort Myers, Florida for over 25-years. View our company journey.


Started Distribution

Opened Pool/Spa Wholesale Distribution


Gulfstream Established

Gulfstream Heat Pumps was founded


Titanium Heat Exchanger Introduced

First manufacture to introduce titanium heat exchanger


3rd Party Testing Standards

Set new industry standard by being the first heat pump manufacture to publish 3rd party performance testing


100% Family Owned

100% ownership by the Fields family



Expanded to Tampa



Expanded to Orlando


Largest in Florida

Became largest heat pump supplier in state of Florida


25 Year Anniversary

Celebrating 25-years in business

Token Roadmap

The Industry’s Best Components

Several choices for your desired output.

Our HE Series Pool Heat Pumps, equipped with an optimized TXV for R-410A refrigerant, achieve exceptional efficiency, resulting in more heat at a lower cost, making Gulfstream the world’s most efficient heat pump.

  • Top Performance & Efficiency
  • Intelligent Control and Design
  • State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

See Our Plant

See photos from our 25,000 sq.ft manufacturing plant in Fort Myers, Florida.


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Our extensive experience has given us deep insight into the pool heating industry.
We know how to achieve the highest quality and insist on creating the best product for you.

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