Gulfstream Heat Pump Warranty

Gulfstream provides the strongest and longest warranty in the industry. We have removed the “small print” or exclusions that our competitors use to reduce warranty.

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The Ultimate Warranty

GulfStream offers different warranties on our pool heat pump models to ensure both reliable coverage and competitive pricing, without compromising on quality.

10 Years Parts Warranty

Leading the industry with 10 years of parts warranty on all parts – the longest warranty available.

2 Years Labor Warranty

No charges for warranty repairs during the Labor warranty (no trip charges, consumable charges or service fees).

Extended Warranty Florida

Available with extended labor warranties (3 years and 5 years only available in Florida).

Choose Your Coverage

GulfStream Warranty Types

HE SERIES: 2-Year Labor /10-Year Parts Warranty is for domestic United States installations only.

HE Series: 2-Year Labor /10-year Parts Warranty

Models: HE 90; HE 110; HE 125; HE 150

Effective Date: 8-10-2017

USA Installations only: Two (2) years parts and labor.

  • Years three (3) through seven (7) parts only (No Labor).
  • Years eight (8) through ten (10) limited 30% MSRP prorated parts only (No Labor).
  • The Owner is responsible for all labor charges after year two (2).

Download HE Series Warranty (PDF)

Additional 3-Year and 5-Year Warranty Addendum

Limited Factory Warranty Addendum

Effective Date: 8-1-2020

Purchased Warranty Options:
G&F Manufacturing, Inc will provide the following warranty options on the
Gulfstream line of swimming pool heaters for in-Florida installations.

Offered Options:

  1. Additional 1-Year of Labor (3 years total)
    The Owner is responsible for all labor charges after year three (3).Or
  2. Additional 3 -Years of Labor (5 years total)
    The Owner is responsible for all labor charges after year five (5).
    Proof of purchase or registration of the product is required to process additional warranty beyond the standard 2 -Years Labor warranty and must be associated with the serial number on file with G&F Manufacturing, Inc.G&F Manufacturing, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “Manufacturer”) warrants the Gulfstream Heat Pump, to the original owner and installation site (hereafter referred to as “Owner”), to be free of material or workmanship defects for a limited term. Specific warranty terms, by region or state, are listed at the end of this document. This warranty shall begin upon date of purchase, verified by the Owner’s proof of purchase documents or, in lieu of Owner’s documents, from date of manufacture. Claim for warranty reimbursement must have prior authorization by Manufacturer and be performed by a factory authorized service center. This warranty is void if the product is repaired or altered in any way by any persons or agencies other than those authorized by Manufacturer, and is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, written or oral.The warranty is applicable only if the unit’s installation and operation is followed in accordance with the manufactured model’s owner/installation manual. This limited warranty is for the product installed on a swimming pool or spa only. The liability of the Manufacturer shall not exceed the repair or replacement of defective parts, and shall not include transportation charges for equipment or component parts to or from the factory. The owner shall be responsible for any travel charges that may be incurred by the service center or service agent. The Manufacturer shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or injury, whether direct, consequential or incidental, arising out of the use or inability to use this product. This warranty does not include services such as inspections, maintenance, or unnecessary service calls due to erroneous operational reports, external valve positions, water flow issues, or electrical service. This warranty does not include the repair of damage to any internal piping or components due to freezing conditions, negligence, abuse, installations in corrosive environments, water damage, corrosion or discoloration of the product or atmospheres nor acts of God.All parties agree sole jurisdiction and venue shall be Lee, County Florida.

Download Warranty Addendum Warranty (PDF) 

Gulfstream “HI-5” Series 5 & 10 Year Warranty

Gulfstream HI Series

The GulfStream HI series of Heat Pumps are backed by a solid manufacturer’s warranty to ensure consistent, quality performance and peace of mind long after the purchase.

Models: HI110; HI125; HI150

  • Sold only in Florida: 5/10 Warranty
  • 5-Years Full Warranty (parts and labor)
  • Years 6-7 Full Parts Warranty (parts only)
  • **Additional 30% MSRP Parts Warranty Years 8-10**
  • **(The Customer Continues to Receive a 70% Discount on all Parts)**

Download HI Series Warranty (PDF)

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Advanced Assembly & Testing

Advanced performance testing & superior components designed to last.

Helium Leak Testing

100 times more accurate than the competition. Helium leak tests ensure optimal performance.

Mass Flow Charging

The best way to ensure proper refrigerant charging. Computerized accuracy to 1/100th of an ounce.

Comprehensive Final Run Test

Computerized quality control testing to ensure every component is made to specification.

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